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PhD Guide


  • Searching for foreign consultants on Doctoral dissertation.

  • Preliminary discussion of the relevance of the PhD.

  • Proposal writing.

  • Coordination of the doctoral thesis plan reconciliation with PhD.

  • Approval of the final work plan for doctoral dissertation.

  • Quality control of dissertations with the help of foreign consultants.

  • Help scientific consultants to work on PhD dissertations.

  • Consultation on to the empirical part of the dissertation.

  • Professional information assistance and advice in the selection of methods, techniques and tools to be used.

  • Proofreading, editing of doctoral work.

Additional services:

  • Professional help writing articles.

  • Publication of the doctoral dissertation in the database of SCOPUS and THOMSON REUTER.

  • Full support and professional assistance when writing scientific manuscripts.

  • Presentation of the completed thesis in power point presentation.

  • Proofreading, quality control of the content of the thesis.

  • Verification of normative references to the standards.

  • Definitions, symbols and abbreviations, and so forth.

  • Anti-plagiarism check, correctness of the contents and design work on the requirements, quality control and help in the work on the structure of the thesis and all the elements of the structure.

  • Title page writting services.

  • Adjustment of bibliographies.

  • Publication support (Thomson Reuter, Scopus, WOS, WOK)

  • Editing services.

  • Proofreading services.

  • Formatting services.

  • Translation services.

  • Select journal services.

  • Journal submission services.

  • Re-submission services.